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"It's refreshing to know that locally we have a service that demonstrates a high degree of professionalism, efficiency, adaptability and a really human approach!"

Brampton Business Centre

"J K Connect Consulting has conducted numerous management training and development programmes on our behalf which have always been extremely well received by all concerned. These have proved to be not only very beneficial across the board to managers, supervisors and staff but have had a valuable effect where it really counts, in the actual workplace on a day to day basis."

The Langdale Hotel and Country Club

"J K Connect Consulting has always provided us with a very professional service which has directly met with all of our specific needs."

Carlisle City Council

"Knowledgeable, non-judgmental and offering a highly diverse range of services and support, J K Connect has been of great value to us over the past five years. With the ability to think creatively and problem solve effectively, this consultancy has had a real impact on our considerable development and ongoing success."

The Employment Alternatives Project

"Working with us for over three years, J K Connect Consulting has continually delivered a really flexible service to consistently excellent standards. For some individuals this has not only been of great value but has actually been considered both life changing and positively life enhancing."

Rural Women's Network

Some Delegate Comments and Statements

"The mentoring sessions have been great, I was treated in a really decent manner and the consultant was really friendly. I got all the expert help I needed without being patronised."

"Genuinely lovely people, who are easy to talk to and truly knowledgeable. It couldn't be any better."

"J K Connect Consulting's team are 100% committed to doing a good job, a 100% talented in what they do and a 100% thoroughly nice people."

"I'm completely inspired by the solutions and methods they have given me to tackle normal, everyday difficult situations and my confidence has never been so high."

"J K Connect Consulting has the unique combination of being incredible at what they do whilst being thoroughly personable. Not at all what I expected from consultants!"

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